Mobile App Launch | McDonald’s


Mobile presence through promoted Facebook and Twitter instant downloads, along with targeted mobile ads.

Digital OOH: drawing in passerby with a simple visual accompanied by a simple message.

Bus shelter OOH takeover. Keeping it simple on the outside to draw in the curious, text-to-download on the insider.

Retail exterior posters.

Infiltrating the existing merchandising allowed for borrowing equity of any product, along with reducing unnecessary extra printed elements.

Finding opportunities at the pay window in the drive-thru and on the back of receipts where customers have an extra moment to initiate a quick download.


Due to McDonald’s being late to the mobile party, we wanted to launch their official app with the one thing that sets McD’s apart from other brands: their iconic sandwiches. With a focus on the main benefit of the app—delicious McDonald’s offers on your phone right away—we came up with the idea of simple horizontal and vertical phones displaying the most iconic burgers in the world (Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, Big Mac), ready to download and put in your mouth.

Creative partner: Amy Dominguez.


McDonald’s / Campaign