Brent Fagerburg

Creative Director (Art) Chicago, IL

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Fair warning, I'm opening with a quote:

"A true thing, poorly expressed, is a lie."

I know, I'm sorry, but that Stephen Fry thought just sticks with me.

I dig it because on the surface it's about great design (which should be integral), but it's really about crafting true stories—in our line of work, stories of brands that everyone should hear. It's making the work clients do truly matter. Whether it's a grand purpose or a powerful niche insight, it has to make the strategy SING. Whatever for it comes in—be it OLV content or broadcast, a digital or physical experience, or a single social post—it should be the purest and most truthful expression of the brand. And honestly, everyone's BS-meter is too fine-tuned these days for it not to be.

I thrive on collaboration, and I always want to be surrounded by people who inspire and challenge me to think in new ways. I love rolling up my sleeves and being a part of every aspect of a project, ensuring it crosses the finish line with expectations exceeded.

My client roster is across the spectrum, from big guys like McDonald's & Purina, a ton of CPG brands (e.g. Barilla & Bel), to government agencies and city governments alike, and everything in-between.