Westminster 2012 | Pro Plan

Case study of the integrated Westminster 2012 campaign.

Targeted display ads with a simple design let you discover the greatness in every dog breed, then share it directly to Facebook—functionality never before seen in a banner at the time.

The Great Dogs mobile site offered the ability to find out the greatness of dogs anywhere—at the show, watching at home, or curious about a breed while at the local dog park.

Winner: Leo Gold 2012

Specific creative designed the FUSE four-panel screens near Madison Square Garden.

Outside of Madison Square Garden, those attending the show or just passing by could experience the unique monikers of the breeds in the show.

Pro Plan's presence was felt all around NYC, especially on the bus routes around Madison Square Garden.


In 2012, Pro Plan had become the new sponsor of the Westminster Dog Show. To celebrate this, we wanted to establish Pro Plan’s presence around New York and beyond with an integrated campaign that celebrated the greatness in every dog.

Silver Addy Winner, Gold Leo Winner.

Creative partners: Dan Thorne, Tony Rogers


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