While the Water Boils | Barilla


You could watch a pot while the water boils, or you could talk to some super interesting and passionate people.

In a content series for Barilla hosted by Hannah Hart, we did just that.

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Ep 101: Science with Bill Nye

Ep 102: Fashion with Rachel Zoe

Ep 103: Art with Hebru Brantley

Ep 201: Boxing with Theo Rossi

Ep 202: Comedy with Wanda Sykes

Ep 203: Skating with Lizzie Armanto

Bill Nye pasta talk w/ animations

Rachel Zoe pasta talk with animations

Bill Nye :15 teaser

Rachel Zoe :15 teaser

Hebru Brantley :15 teaser

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Being a family-owned Italian company, Barilla is proud to represent not just the pasta they make, but the passion they put into it. Pursuing passions takes time, so we wanted to prove that with any little time you have, you can do something you love—be it a hobby or a something that furthers your career—through a short-form documentary series. Our host Hannah Hart interviews some incredibly interesting people at every career stage and physically dives into their passion with them.

Director: Zach Bjork


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